ThermTac Ghost Suits

Snakebite Sales Info: Snakebite Tactical is now taking pre-orders for the ThermTac Ghost Suit.  Please keep in mind that our production capabilities are limited, and these custom hand-made suits require careful construction techniques.  Orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. We plan for shipping of first initial orders to commence by the end of June.  There may be extended wait times if the number of overall orders across the country is very high.

Payments can be made through our PayPal account, or they can be sent by check or money order through standard mail to the following address:


421 US HIGHWAY 93 N STE 200

EUREKA, MT 59917-9161

United States


Please allow for a longer return time if paying by check or money order.


Pants will be available for pre-order.  Please include your normal pant length in your email.


The ThermTac Ghost Suit is currently offered in Marpat Camo (shown), or Desert Camo (images forthcoming).  Please specify which version you would like in your email to Snakebite Tactical.


Note – Camouflage leaves are not currently included with the ThermTac Ghost Suit.  We are working on producing our own leaves, which we will eventually package and sell separately.


Shipping costs will be subject to location.  Snakebite does NOT ship outside of the United States.


Legal Disclaimer:  Snakebite Tactical is not responsible for any misuse of the ThermTac Ghost Suit or any other related items or information regarding thermal evasion.  All items are currently legal for sale and possession in the United States.


Snakebite Tactical has openly given design information on the ThermTac Ghost Suit for the singular use of private individuals to build their own thermal evasion suits if they wish. We do NOT give permission for individuals or companies to use our designs for any of our products to sell for their own profit.

All orders will be handled through our email. You can contact Snakebite Tactical here:

Standard ThermTac Cloak


ThermTac Pants


ThermTac Cloak Extension